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Location: Nottingham

I am a mummy to two young children and I am very new to this. I've always made cakes, and I like to make big impressive cakes.
My cake decorating journey started last year (2012) when I decided I was going to attempt a castle cake for my daughters 4th birthday. I had no decorating supply's or the right size tins, so off I went to get some.
I had a blast making the cake, the best thing of all was her face and the faces of the mums at her party. It was certainly not perfect as I had imagined it to be and it took so many hours to complete. Anyhow I started to get asked to make cakes for birthdays ect... And now here I am. I scour though cakes decor and the net daily looking for tutorials and inspiration to make me decorated I want to be.


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Radhika ...

I love your cakes! I’d left a comment when I saw your adorable Eeyore, but found you again through Veena’s FB page. Am signing up to follow you :). I can see some brilliant cakes in the future!