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Mar 2013    Leechburg PA

I'm originally from Hungary but I have been living in the US in the past 10 years. I work locally in Leechburg, PA at The Twisted Thistle restaurant as a Pastry Chef and I also make wedding cakes for Lingrow Farm . I never went to pastry school, I just have the passion for cakes.



Calli Creations ...

Thank you so much for visiting my cakes and lovely comments. I look forwards to seeing more of your work as this peony and background detail so so beautiful. Your very talented.

Szilvi ...

Szia Edit en Szilvia Godor vagyok en is az USA ban elek GA ban es en is a sütemények útján imadok lenni csak szeretnem kérdezni hogy van e Fb oldalad vagy egyéb elérhetőség ahol tudnék kérdezni nehány dolgot előre is koszi a munkaid gyönyörűek !!!