I’m from Bulgaria .I lives in beautiful city Varna.
Cakes are my hobby .

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lol surprise

lol surprise


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Endless Love

Sugar class by Valentina Terzieva

Mickey Mouse


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Dmytrii Puga ...

Hello!!Your cakes are awesome. I’m your new follower

Doroty ...

Thank you very much!
Nice to meet you .

Bezana ...

Thank you for follow. Following back :). Beautiful cakes.

Doroty ...

Thank you very much!😊

Raquel García ...

Hello Dorothy Thank you very much for your follow-up !!! You have some magnificent works! You already have a new supporter to support you … Many kisses and hugs!!!

Doroty ...

Thank you for add!
Kisses and hugs!💕

Dimi's sweet art ...

Thank you for follow, Doroty! Beautiful cakes! Following back!

Doroty ...

You are Welcome!💝

Clara ...

Hi Doroty, thank you for following me!
Your work looks gorgeous! I’m following you back 😊

Doroty ...

Hello Clara!
I’m glad. I can enjoy your works 😊
You are welcome !

Nonahomemadecakes ...

Doroty your cakes are amazing!!!
I’m your new follower!!!

Doroty ...

Thank you so much, Nonahomemadecakes!😘

Felis Toporascu ...

Thank you Doroty for follow! Your works are beautiful!… I will follow you too!…

Doroty ...

Thank you so much Felis!
Your works are Adorable !

Andreea Gherasim ...

Hi there, i follow you, great work! 😊