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Shelf stable fillings and frosting.

Trying to get permit for cottage food law that just passed, Shelf stable cannot have cream. But ganache, smbc and then fruit fillings I think should be ok, anybody else with experience? Cannot be cream or custard based. Thanks.

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Cake Club trying to start one in Sacramento.

I tried this a while back but those that were interested didn’t actually commit. There are cake clubs everywhere but in our area Sacramento, would love to get one started. I travel to texas to their cake club events, san diego, oregon. But here...

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Cake filling ..?..slippery

Ok when you make fresh raspberry or Leon or banana curd they are so slippery what do u do to prevent the cake from slipping around..?

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Anybody have a milk chocolate cake recipe

Not dark chocolate but something lighter, moist and dense . I have one for dark chocolate but have not found a light chocolate cake.

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Icecream cone cake need help

Making icecream cone bottom out of foam and covered with fondant to look like a sugar cone but bottom is not pointed because drill bit wouldn’t get all the way to pointy tip so part had to be trimmed. What to do to mask flatter bottom?

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Which serving chart to go by to price and do most price per serving or ?

I have been going back and forth , for example I am making an 8 inch, 6 inch tiered cake with a 4 inch foam tier on top. Charged 118 it will be covered in ganache and fondant decorated fireman theme with a gumpaste fireman and dog . She had a...

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Permit approved today..

I went on monday got a call today and I was given my permit number and said I could start today.. Hmm that seemed too easy after taking apart every recipe was done. In shock really that this is true but happy..

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covering tall cake

How do I do a tall cake 9 inch tall and wide. Do i try and cover it all in one piece or should I do panels?? Cake iscovered in ganache .

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charging for fondant covered 12,9 and 6 inch wedding cake.

Will be beach themed with 55-60 chocolate seashells, plus some coral 5 medium gumpaste calalilys. a rope border I live in northern california, doing this for a friend of a friend want to feed up to 100 but i worked out this to be 85. Any...

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Anybody have problems with ordering from bakers kitchen

I ordered 100 dollars worth of fondant coloring and tips. They came in a huge box so the fondant buckets banged around came open, coloring everywhere, tips ruined. I sent the box back and was suppose to get a replacement and they left it in the...

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Teaching cake art from home, thoughts, ideas?

Has anyone ever thought of that. Since baking from home is illegal in some places like where i live in CA. I thought i would have a cake art studio in my house and teach art class that way. That way the people I teach are baking not me. I have...