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Artistic creativity has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My passion for creativity and art was ignited by a father skilled in the fine arts and a mother skilled in cake decorating, pastries and flower arranging. My admiration for beautifully crafted art was established as a child and has grown as I have grown. I am so grateful that I am infused with the talents and abilities of my parents.

My father’s beautiful oil paintings graced the walls of my childhood home. I tried my hand at drawing and pastels. I even entered contests at school with my work. While my passion and ability has me ultimately working in the edible arts, many of the things I learned about fine art are used in my confectionery designs.

I began making cookies, cakes and desserts with my mother when I was very young. My mother’s amazing culinary delights inspired me to create my own artistic edible creations. My desire to create delicious, artistic culinary delights increased when I began to raise a family of my own. I have been creating cakes and confections for over 27 years. My professional pursuits as owner & artist at “Chantal’s Cakes and Desserts” began in 2007.

I will never know all that there is to know about sugar art. I am constantly discovering and learning new techniques while perfecting my skills. That’s part of what I love about the confectionery world. There is always something new to learn. You know that something is your passion when you dream about it . . . the next cake that you want to design or new techniques for chocolate or fondant that you haven’t seen before.

In passing conversation, a friend who did not know that I had made cakes for friends and family for years, shared with me her desires to find someone who could make a cake for her daughter’s wedding. When she described the cake that her daughter wanted, I knew it was something that I could do. She accepted my offer to make the cake and I’ve been making professional cakes ever since. The realization of Chantal’s Cakes and Desserts is “a dream come true” as it turns my life-long passion into a profession. It allows me to share my edible artistic pursuits with others. There is great joy in sharing what you love with others.

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Thank you Sandra! Your cakes are amazing!

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