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Location: South Wales

Hi all. What to say about me ummm..hi im Cath and im a cakeaholic...oopsie, my bad, wrong group :P. I'm a qualified florist stay at home mum to three kiddies and house bird to my fella. My eldest at 14 has given me plenty of years 'experience' at making cakes and being self taught I dont think I've done too badly. Shes only ever had one shop bought...tut tut, slap my wrist, naughty naughty!!! Then my daughter and my son came along. Yayyy more cake making :D
After all this cake making I became rather good so I was told and before I knew it, I had people coming from every corner asking after me. Here I am, CathsCustomCakes, hoping to one day be on the same par of excellence that you all are.
Looking forward to following and enjoying all your creations. There's nothing quite like looking at beautiful cakes xx