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Nov 2014    Den Hout, The Netherlands    Website

Baroq stands for bombastic cakes, abundance and luxury. That is what our bakery/store will radiate! The cakes, cookies and cupcakes will be artistic, like something you have never seen before. Designed by real artists, baked by people with love for sweets and decorated by creative and enthusiastic employees. Our products will not only be a feast to eat, but also a feast for the eye! Forget the standard hello-kitty cake or the plain apple pie. Everything will have a high level or originality: from our biggest wedding cake till the smallest crumb.
But besides creating a Mecca for every sweet tooth, we want to offer the community just a little bit more... Baroq will be a socially responsible company. Not all of us are capable to finish school and find a job easily. When you are chalenged in some way (this could be physically and mentaly, or because of age or circumstances), it can be a real chalenge and sometimes impossible to find a modified workplace. That's why we want to realise Baroq, that will offer jobs to people who have some distance to the labor market because of their disability , social conditions or age. We want to accomplish this with a company that has a real product to sell and make a profit to provide further modified workplaces. Our employees get a real salary for the time they work, so they have a chance to grow not only financialy, but also grow in their confidence and experience , create social contacts and successful experiences at Baroq, we hope to help them towards a more independent future.

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