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Location: Boulder, CO, USA

Me? I'm Heather Sherman, and it has been an interesting road to Cake... I began designing cakes in 2009, but here's how it actually started. Way back in 2008 when pregnancy forced me to bed rest! Ugh! I am an active person, so I suddenly found myself watching TV shows I'd never had a reason/time to watch. My favorites were the cake shows, of course, and I kept telling my husband "I can do THAT!". For his birthday in 2009 I made him a "Grateful" fondant cake, and I then was SO surprised at how much I enjoyed his reaction! I started sculpting cakes with my friend's Tiki Island Wedding cake a few months after that. The rest is fun, delicious history.! My full cake portfolio is available at my website, These sculpted Art Cakes, I've come to realize, are simply pure joy. There is something liberating in making sculpture that is not meant to last, but it takes on new heights when the experience goes on, past ephemeral destruction, to actually EATING my yummy sculpture! The experience doesn't end there - deliciousness is a must to continue the feeling of wonder. The Enjoyment of the Eater is the reason I do this. I love it when people say "NO way is THAT a cake!", or "I will NEVER forget this birthday" or "I feel so special!". And little kids are the absolute best of the bunch. Each design is a carefully-thought-out, usually symbolic in multiple ways, and hopefully should make you laugh, cry, or emote somehow. Good Art creates positive emotion, so should my cakes...before cutting and after. And taste - oh yum! I feel that all desserts (food for that matter) is a 3-part performance experience. First, the visual attraction, which both entertains and creates an anticipation for the rest of the experience. Second, the 'opening' or 'consumation' of the dish, in which the destruction of another's art- made solely for such purpose - generates a very real sense of satisfaction and feeling pampered-cared for. And finally, the smell and taste, which should be heaven itself, with as many layers and complementary notes of distinction as the appearance. My background is as a good-ol' Colorado girl raised west of Evergreen in the summer-cabin wilds under Mt. Evans. I have always been artistic and use many mediums in addition to cake. Painting, drawing, photography and graphic design are a few, but I've also dabbled in glass, clay, and beading. One of my other outlets is my CafePress T-Shirt shops - fun on the run. My professional background is also widely varied - and every skill I've learned comes into play while making these Art Cakes. I have graduated the Pastry Arts program at the August Escoffier School of Culinary Arts with Honors in June of 2012...just to be certain my cakes are as yummy as they can possibly be! The Art Continues - under the Fondant... I look forward to making many many many more cakes and dreams come true!

Heather S, CO/USA,



Callicious Cakes ...

You are so talented! Amazing art and heart in all that you do xx

Heather Sherman ...

Thank You So Much! Big Hugs! LOVED your mask for Around the World ;-) XXOO