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What tip is this?

can anyone tell me what tip this is? Thanks… Ansa

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What kind of box do you use if you have a cake that is taller than 5" or has some decorations on top that make the cake about 7 or 8" tall? Ansa

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Tear Apart cupcake cake template

I would like to make a princess tiara tear apart cupcake cake. Is there any place that has templates of different design layouts to place your cupcakes before you ice them? Thank you, Ansa

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Minnie Mouse & Whipped Cream

Here’s my question…. I have a customer who wants a whipped cream cake with whipped cream filling and strawberries. On the top of the cake she would like some picture of Minnie Mouse. I said no problem. Then it dawned on me, I dont think I can...

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Bundt to cake

If I have a recipe for a Bundt cake is there any reason I couldn’t make it a 8" cake? Ansa

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Need help finding a link

A while back, I got an email offering classes online to make gum paste flowers. This website offers all sorts of online classes (knitting, baking, gum paste fllowers). I paid they 20 or 30 dollars and then went to the website and enter a...

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Duff Airbrush Problem

I bought the Duff airbrush back in Dec. I used it maybe 2 times. When Im done using it, each time I clean it and store it in a little basket. I went to use it today…and it doesnt work. Im soooooooooooooooooooo upset. I no longer have my...

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Stabilizing Whipped Cream

I’m doing a whipped cream cake tomorrow. I use the “No Weep” Whipped Cream recipe which is 1 pint of heavy whipping cream 2 TBLS of dry instant vanilla pudding powder 1 tsp of powder sugar (I use 1.5 TBLSP of powder sugar and whip...

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Cake Stacking

I am making a single layer sheet cake for a bachelorette party with a …….. 14?x5? ahem……male appendage on top. Will I need to add bubble tea straws for support? My next question is….if I do, when they remove the “male appendage” will it...

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fondant vs buttercream price

When pricing cakes, do you all charge more for fondant vs buttercream or swiss buttercream? Id like to start making some fondant cake but I dont want to make it. I think buying the Satin Ice Fondant would be ok for me to use, however then I...

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Silicone cake pop pan

Ive seen the metal cake pop pans but I’m looking for the silicone cake pop pan. The metal one I found at Bed Bath &Beyond – the silicone pan is slightly smaller. Has anyone seen them? Thanks- Ansa