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Peony Flower from $2 homemade cutters...who said you need expensive equipment ;-)

Wanted to do a Peony without having to purchase expensive cutter, if you have a peony set you can use them for this but the larger cutter makes for a bigger Peony so you may want to use your cutter for the 4 smallest petals then use the largest...


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Baby Canvas Shoes cake topper tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial video to show you how easy it is to make Baby Shoes cake topper. Material used in the video: Satin Ice Gumpaste and Satin Ice Fondant You can download the template from my blog, here is the link:...

Bake-a-boo Cakes (Elina)

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My free Tutorials At Pretty Witty Cakes Online.

Hi everybody here are some free tutorial related with figurines that I made for Pretty Witty Cakes Online. I hope these tutorials will help you creating your sugar dolls. 1. How To Make Modelling Paste :...


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Cosmos flower tutorial

Supply list: Wires – 24, 26 and 33 gauge, Nile green floral tape, Bumpy foam, Foam pad, Flat brushes for dusting, Pollen mix (petal dust and corn flour mix), Petal dusts (for this project I use Magenta and Geranium from CK), A bunch...

Little Apple Cakes

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Freehand Sunflower

This is a tutorial for making sunflowers without having to shell out for cutters. I’m a total cheapskate and I was worried the cutters wouldn’t arrive in time in any case, so decided to try doing them freehand. ...

Lesley Wright

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Shrek Lettering - How to make

How to make the Lettering in my Donkey Cake 1. Make a suitable green coloured gumpaste, I used white with a small amount of satin Ice Green & Yellow added to it 2. Using any letter cutter, cut out your letter, smooth edges 3. roll a...


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Tutorial - Stained Glass Effect Cake

After seeing the amazing stained glass effect cakes by people like Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes, Way Beyond Cakes by Mayen and Vinism Sugar Art, I decided I wanted to have a go and put my own spin on it. Hopefully it will inspire you to do...

Natasha Shomali