Making of the Spiderman Bust Cake

Hi Lovelies, Here is the making of my spiderman bust cake with spraying cobweb. Have fun watching Part One Part Two Spraying Cobweb

3d cake tutorials #12: 3d bust cake - part 1

Hi friends! I have a new video of how making a 3d bust cake

3d cake tutorials #2: BUST CAKE - STEP BY STEP - Reptilian

Hi friends! how ar you I hope everything is alright! This time I am sharing how I make my 3d bust cakes. In this occasion this bust will become a Reptilian!! well! he is not a good looking man…like Richard Gere…but he is a good looking...

Vivienne Westwood colouring

I found some pictures of my Vivian’s coloring. I forget to shoot… These are powder paints with vodka and a little airbrush and dust . I hope it is useful to someone.

Egyptien Cat Goddest Bust Tutorial

Hi everyone, I filmed myseld how I did the cat bust for the wonderful collab Egypt Land of Mistery Have fun watching

TIPS & IDEAS #3: Making a bust structure!

Hi friends! how are you? I hope you are ok! Today, I want to share with you how I made my bust structures. It’s very easy and simple. I hope is useful. Hugs! Katherina

3d cake tutorials #14: Bust armature - fondant

Hi dear friends! I hope you are healthy with your families. This is 5 minutes tutorial to show you how to build an armature for a Fondant Bust.

3d cake tutorials #13: BUST MAN CAKE part 3

Hi friends sharing how to make this bust man cake…at the end of the video, there are the links of part 1 and part 2.

Fondant cakes #1: Wacky Cake Tutorial

I made a WACKY NAUGHTY CAKE a few months back and thought I’ll share how I made it.A birthday gift from my client to her hubby dear on his birthday.She wanted a really wacky cake of a lady’s bust.Each…. had vodka miniature bottles inserted...

Easy (lazy!) Cake Bunting

I like to make life easy whenever possible and when I needed to make bunting for a cake this seemed the best option. Hope it helps someone :)

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