Q&A: Stabilized whipped cream or Buttercream?

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Hi everyone hope your all well.
I have a few questions:

1. Is it ok to ice a cake with stabilized Whipped cream when selling cakes to customers etc as I find it alot lighter and less sweet
2. Is it ok to fill a cake with whipped cream and frost the outside with butter cream as I find that filling it with butter cream is just to sweet and have gotten positive feedback about my cakes not being overly sweet.
3. Also how do you avoid getting a soggy cake when filling it with fruits and cream etc.

Thank you

-- Happy Baking

1 answer

1. This would depend upon the regulations in your area. A whipped cream cake would need to be refrigerated.
2. It would be fine to fill with whipped cream and frost with buttercream, but again, the cake would require refrigeration.
3. To prevent the fruit from soaking into the cake, put a thin layer of buttercream between the cake and the fruit filling.

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley