Q&A: Letter Cake

Good afternoon,
I am facing a dilemma! :-) I am having 6 number/letter cakes(actual cakes to be cut, not cookies) on the same day to be ready at noon, and I am wondering how I can prepare and keep them in the fridge the day before, without them getting dried out!
Also would the fresh flowers remain ok for the next day.
Thanks for the help.

Thank you!
Photo is not my cake, just for reference.



If the cake is left completely naked, like the picture, the only thing I know that would help with drying out is to paint all surfaces with a simple syrup. If it is acceptable to your customer, applying a thin covering of buttercream, in the semi-naked technique, would help lock in the moisture.

You definitely need to wait until the last minute to add the flowers, unless you have picks that hold water to keep them fresh.

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I completely agree with Sandra. Also, have your cake placed in a cardboard type box and that covered with a nylon/ plastic bag or something similar.

The Garden Baker