Q&A: Ganache airbrushing HELP! What PSI should I set my compressor at?

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I’m going to airbrush a oil based colour to my white chocolate ganache but what PSI should I set my compressor at?

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I seriously do not recommend trying to airbrush a drip. In the other post, I gave my thoughts on ways to color the ganache . Unless you are experienced with an airbrush, it would be very easy for the color to bleed over onto the frosting, muddling your drip definition. I’ve used an airbrush quite a bit and it would not be my choice.

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

I apologize, i think I confused your post with another, which may not be related. Reference your manual for the proper PSI setting, then practice on a piece of paper, adjusting as necessary to achieve the desired spray pattern.

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley