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Textured cake

Hello everyone, you don’t need a silicone mat to make a cake texture! Here’s how I did it. For painting i used paint with alcohol and silicone brush. Silicone brush is very good for the job. ...

Cake Decoration #5: SNOWMAN cake decoration...only 13 minutes!

Hi friends so happy be back and to share a video tutorial of an easy and super fast Snowman theme based cake decoration. I hope is useful! Warm hugs to all of you! https://youtu.be/yLzLZR5Adng

Cake Decoration #3: Sugar lace fast and easy!

Hi friends!!! this is what I always wanted to do…make tutorials and share what I have learned through these last years. This time I am sharing with you how to make a sugar lace…soon you will see...

3d cake tutorials #1: HACHI - 3d dog holding cake - full tutorial! hugs!

Hi friends!!! how are you? I hope that you and your families are ok and I wish you all the best! Today, I am so happy to share with you how I made my 3d holding dog cake Hachi. This piece was...

cake toppers tutorials #3: Fondant baby

Hi friends!! In this tutorial I show you how bringing to life a baby made with a silicone mold. Thanks for watching! https://youtu.be/Kip_Fp8aOb8

Pictorial Video Tutorial #2: How to make Edible Glue for Cake Decorating

Learn how to make Edible Glue. Perfect for cake decorating!

Dumbo Cake Topper | How to Make Dumbo the Elephant Step by Step Tutorial | Gumpaste Fondant Sugar

Hi welcome to my tutorial demonstrating how to make a Dumbo the Elephant Cake Topper. In this tutorial I demonstrate step by step how I made Dumbo with Gumpaste (modelling paste). This...