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Journey of a Cake Order Series #6: Steps to Take After the Cake Order is Completed

Serdar Yener | Yeners Way - Cake Art Tutorials

Our imaginative example of a Romeo and Juliet themed wedding cake has been delivered securely and we are back at our office. Before we start with the next order we have to take some notes while we have fresh information in our mind about the...


Journey of a Cake Order Series #4: How to Plan and Make the Cake

Serdar Yener | Yeners Way - Cake Art Tutorials

Hi everybody, welcome back to our fourth episode of my step by step journey of a cake order. As you may remember in our previous episodes we have consulted with an imaginative customer. We took their request, designed and priced a Romeo and...


Cake Pricing-The Way a Honey Bunny Would do it.

Honey Bunny Bake Shop

Many of us have trouble pricing cakes and there are so many thoughts and opinions to why we should or shouldn’t talk cake pricing. I have read the blogs and watched almost every youtube and periscope video regarding this subject. The conclusion...

Cake Decorating Business #4: Basic Principles of Pricing Your Cakes

Michal Bulla

Basic Principles of Pricing Your Cakes Cake pricing is the thing most cake decorators and bakers really struggle with. In part this is because this is a very emotional business we are in, so we take all of it very personally and a lot of...

How to price your cake?

Koek Krummels

I’ve been doing Cake Decorating for the last year, without any training. It is now a full-blown business and I’m so thankful for the talent I’ve been given, but still have lots to learn. One of my biggest questions is this: How do I price my...