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Beer Can Pouring

-- Michael Almeida (Isto Faz-se), Portugal, (facebook.com/michael.cake.artist) (www.istofaz-se.pt)

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lovely tutorial Micheal, thanks for sharing!

Elli Warren

Brilliant! great tutorial! thank you! :-)

Gulnaz Mitchell

Very clever! Thank for sharing!

Make Pretty Cakes

Love it! Thank you for posting. Nina xoxo


That’s a keeper, thank’s for sharing.


Great tutorial thanks! :-)

Nadine Tyrrell

Thank you! I was always wondering how it worked. :)


thank you!


Great job! thank you!


questions. 1. how do you get the look of froth?
2. was it baked in a coffee can?
3. what temp was it baked at for it to cook through?
My son would love this cake. Wonder if there is a recipe for a Beer cake?

Michael Almeida

Hi Vii, the froth I made with sugarpaste, it is not bake. And there are some recipes for beer cake, look it up and try ;) the cake was baked with round pans then leveled and trimed. Then I cuted the cake top to bottom (just the center to the edge) so it could fit the stick and closed it woth the chocolate ganache. Happy baking :)


Thanks for this pictorial tutorial. Is the can made from RCT or is it a real can stuck on the dowel? Thanks for your help.


Michael, Do you have any video tutorial for these type of cake? Thanks :)

Nicole - Just For The Cake Of It

Great tutorial, thank you for sharing


Is sugar paste and gum paste the same thing?