Baby Crocs in Fondant - A Tutorial

Baby Crocs in Fondant – A Tutorial

Here is how I made the Baby Crocs. I have made cutters for them but I have provided you with the template that you can cut out from card paper and use as a guide to cut the fondant.

What you will need:

Fondant in a colour of your choice.
Templates cut out from card paper
Stitch tool
Craft knife to cut out the fondant
Straw – to make the holes
Pointed modeling tool to make the ridges on the front of the shoe
Edible Glue

Roll out your fondant and cut out each template. If making a pair, cut 2 of each Remember to turn the template over for the sole.

Preparing each piece:
- Run the stitch tool along the back strap – all around
- Run the stich tool around the top edge of the front toe bit.
- Punch holes with the straw in the toe front and also on the toe cover.

I do apologize for the quality of some of the photos! Make dents in the bottom edge of the toe bit.

Apply some edible glue to the front of the sole and attach the toe front as shown with the stich part on top and the dented part at the bottom.

Roll out a small piece of fondant for the heel cover.

Apply some edible glue and attach as shown.

Apply a little glue and attach the top of the shoe as shown.

Here is another photo.

Attach the back strap as shown. Place a small piece of rolled tissue to hold up the back strap till it dries.

…and there you have it! Have fun by personalizing them for girls and boys. Add flowers, ladybugs, little boats etc

And here is the templates. Enjoy!

Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoy making these as much as I do!

Much love,
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Bev Jones

So cute, thanks for sharing

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Mel, these are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial and templates!!

Gulnaz Mitchell

Such a great tutorial! My kids are “living” in crocs during summer! Thank you for sharing!


This tutorial doesn’t show any pictures at all. I’m searching for templates for baby crocs.