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Wafer Paper #10: Introduction to wafer paper and how to make pine branches

Learn how to work with edible wafer paper (also known as rice paper) and create realistic Wafer Paper Pine Branches.


You will need:
Wafer paper
Mini spray bottle
Forest green airbrush color
Nano steamer
24 gauge white wire
Sharp scissors
Food grade glycerin
Wafer Paper glue (recipe above)

How to:
1. Spray wafer paper with mixture of Forest Green Airbrush color and 2 drops of food-grade glycerin
2. Let dry
3. Cut 1-inch strips
4. Cut fine pine needles
5. Cut wire in half and make a tiny hook
6. Apply wafer paper glue on one side
7. Gently steam wafer paper and form a pine branch
8. Let dry upside down

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