Wafer Paper #8: How to Paint Monstera Leaves on edible wafer paper and make it flexible

Hey guys! In today’s Wafer Paper Episode I will show you how to paint and cut realistic wafer paper Monstera leaves. I’m going to teach you two different ways of making wafer paper flexible and how to use gel colors on wafer paper step by step.

Ready to start creating? Watch this video tutorial and make your own Wafer Paper Monstera Leaves. You can use the same shades for your plant or with your gel colors and see what happens.


Even though warm days are long gone, I have one more tropical idea to share with you! Handpainted and cut Wafer Paper Monstera Leaves and this project is Cheesy Peasy (get it? Swiss Cheese plant?!).

The shape is very easy to cut by hand, so you don’t need a cutting machine to make these leaves. And the painting with gel colors can be very therapeutic!

Whatever you decide to do, share it with me by tagging #WaferPaperClub on Instagram or Facebook!

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Very Beautiful 💖😊thank You for sharing 💖😊😍

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Beautiful. Thank you.