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How to Organise your Petal Dusts- Tutorial

Do you have a drawer full of petal dusts like this one?

I used to have all my dusts stashed away in a drawer exactly like this! Until I found a much better way of storing and organising my petal dusts…

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have so many petal dust colours from different brands that all come in different shapes and are really difficult to organise and store. I wanted to find a way to organise petal dusts to make it easier to see exactly which colours I had, and organise them so I could easily find the colours that I need my sugar flower projects.

This week on Sugar Ruffles Blog, I’m showing you exactly how I have started organising my petal dust into categorised palettes. So you’ll be able to organise your dusts into categories and see exactly what colours you have available easily.

I have also included a a guide to all the petal dust I have used in my pastel palette, as well as a template you can download and use to record all your petal dust colours for your own palettes.

You can view my ‘How to organise Petal Dusts’ tutorial blog post here

Charlotte x

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Sugar Ruffles

Thanks Darina!


I’m fine with fishing tackle boxes.

Sugar Ruffles

Looks great in the fishing tackle boxes! I love seeing all the different ways everyone organises their cake things.

Elli Warren

Brilliant! Thank you! :-) x