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Sugar Sheet Technique

NEW trend: the sugar sheet technique!
Here’s a tutorial on how I make my sugar sheet, there are many techniques, but this one works for me!

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The Garden Baker

What an interesting technique! Thank you for sharing! I just wonder if the sheet becomes solid, that is stiff and hard after being on the cake for a while or after being left on the tray … or does it stay pliable.

Bella's Cakes

Thank you for sharing 💖


Aww, thank you so much for this gorgeous tutorial!!!
I was just looking for a “how to” to get sugar sheets


Thank you the Garden Baker! It stays pliable but in order to cut it, I believe it has to be removed (it’s easy to unwrap it)


My pleasure Bella!


My pleasure Clara! I’m glad I was helpful!


Perfect! Thank you very much❤❤❤


Perfect tutorial! Thank you for sharing! ♥