Wafer Paper Roses #2: How to make a SPIRAL WAFER PAPER ROSE (wired)

Link to tutorial 👇

This is probably the most challenging wafer paper flower I’ve made despite its simplicity. Working the spiral around the center is a little tricky and will take some practice. You can start with regular paper so you don’t waste your wafer paper supply.

I do not have a template for this. I never use one so each flower is slightly different. If you prefer you can create your own template. Nothing wrong with that :)

Creating curves as you’re cutting your spiral will result in wavy edges. I love the effect, but it’s not necessary.

If you want a smaller flower, just start with a smaller square. I often create them to go with the larger roses for some variety.

I used 18-gauge floral wire, but 20 or 22 would work just fine. Use 24 or 26 if you’re making the smaller buds. You can also assemble these on wooden skewers. If you do so, you can stick them directly into your cake. If you use floral wire, make sure you don’t allow the metal to make contact with your cake.

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Wafer Paper (link below)
Floral Wire
Spray Bottle

2” paper punch (optional)
Ruler (optional)

LINK TO WAFER PAPER I USE FOR THIS FLOWER (but you can use any grade/brand that you like):

-- Dozycakes

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