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Christmas Contest

Hey all, fellow bakers and cake decorators. Christmas is coming and I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate this season with a Christmas Contest. Thanks to Sylwia Price from Saracino, you can win these amazing prizes:

  • Saracino Gold Glitter
  • Saracino Silver Glitter
  • Saracino lace sheet ready to use silver
  • Saracino lace sheet ready to use gold
  • Saracino lace sheet ready to use pearl
  • Saracino jelly diamonds in 7 colours
  • Saracino red modeling paste
  • Saracino green modeling paste
  • Saracino white modeling paste
  • Saracino skin tone modeling paste


Thank you!

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Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations

ohhh, I think I made a mistake. Itā€™s only for tutorials and recipes? Because iā€™ve taged one of my cakes.

Michal Bulla

Konstantina: Yes, only for tutorials and recipes, but itā€™s not a problem If you tagged a cake. We will just not count it in.

Konstantina - K & D's Sweet Creations

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

Michal Bulla

Thank you all who joined so far. I just wanted to mention, that rules say ā€œPost a cake, cupcake or cookie tutorial or recipeā€. Sharing just a link to another website is not accepted.

carolina Wachter

wow is for all the world Michal

Enrique FARIAS

Consulta este tutorial es para cualquier paĆ­s?