How to quickly and easily make a winter gnome.

You will need:

wafer paper sheets
grinded wafer paper
red fondant
white fondant
CMC/Tylose+water = edible glue
5 cm diameter polystyrene ball
toothpicks: 2 large and 1 thin
10 cm diameter cake board
silver cardboard
silver streamers

Insert one of the two largest toothpicks into the polystyrene ball,
so that you can easily roll the ball in some edible glue and
then into some grinded wafer paper. The toothpick will be
your gnome’s first leg.
Let it dry a few minutes.
To get the second leg, insert the other largest toothpick, right near the
previous one, and push it out from the ball. This will help to hold
the hat, later.
Don’t cut out the end excess of the first toothpick. You will need it
to make the gnome to stand onto the cake board!

Insert the thin toothpick into the ball, as in the pic below
then put the tiny red fondant ball onto it. You now have the nose.

Draw a 9 cm diameter circle and cut 1/4 of it,
to have the pattern for the hat, as in the pic below

Cut the pattern to get the area above the nose, helping with
fondant ball

Cut the wafer paper following the pattern.
You can double it, if your brand of wafer paper is too fragile.

Shape the hat. Check that its base matches the width
of the ball, then overlap and glue with a lightly wet brush.

With lightly moist fingers, shape the top of the hat,
to hide any cracks.

Round up the edges of the hat that will lay onto the nose

Cut the pattern you used for the hat, as in the pics below

Cut out three pieces of wafer paper, shape them as you like.
Gently curl each one of them and glue them to the polystyrene
ball, overlapping them one at a time.

Cut out some wafer paper, like you want the moustaches to be.
Glue them over the beard, on the sides of the nose.

Glue the hat onto the polystyrene ball, matching the nose.

Cover the cake board with white rolled fondant,
glue and dust with grinded wafer paper.
Set it onto the silver cardboard and set the silver streamers around it.

Make out two tiny balls from white fondant.
Glue and roll them into grinded wafer paper. Let dry a few minutes.
Insert the legs of the gnome into the feet.
One leg will come out from a foot, just enough to
insert it in the cake board and make the gnome to stand.

Decorate the cake board with some snow balls you previously made with fondant.

You’re done!

Hope you like it!
Thank you for watching!

-- Clara

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