How to get an isomalt effect from gelatin sheets.

Hi everybody, sweet pep!
I always loved glass effect on cakes, but I’m afraid to work with isomalt,
so I came up with this simple and safe technique to get it.

Hope it can be helpful to somebody else than me.

You will need:
some gelatin sheets;
1 flat brush;
1 dish;
baking paper.

Put some water into a dish and soak some gelatin.

After a few minutes, the gelatin will be soaked.
Take out the gelatin (do not squeeze it!!!) and lay it
carefully onto some baking paper.

Brush it with some pearl dusting colour, possibly front and back, but even only front works.

Carefully, put the soaked gelatin between two dry gelatin sheets.

Lightly press the sheets, untill they stick together.

You will notice that you easily can handle the gelatin,
because it isn’t sticky anymore.
Cut out the colored strip and save the remaining pieces.

10 minutes later, you’ll be able to bend the gelatin. It will not break!

Now you can shape it as you desire and you also
can overlap and stick the edges, if you press them for a while.

If you want more thickness, just put the strip (when it still is pliable) between
other two layers of dry gelatin.

To give a flat shape, some weights can help!

Let dry your creations some hours, onto baking paper, untill gelatin
is completely dry and unpliable.

If you want your sheets to stand, you can set them into some

Don’t throw away the cutouts, but use them to decorate your cake!

-- Clara

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Sandra Smiley

Clara, you are brilliant! I don’t know how you come with these techniques! So beautiful, thanks for sharing!


This is fabulous Clara! I saw it on your frozen cake and I loved it, thank you so much for sharing dear 😘 ❤️

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So brilliant Clara! Thank you for sharing this precious tip!



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