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How to Make Mini 3 Tier Stacked Cakes using Cake Boss 6 Cup Stacked Circle Pan

Hi and welcome to my tutorial. In this tutorial I show you how to Make Mini 3 Tier Stacked Cakes using 6 Cup Stacked Circle Pan. I have created 3 different designs. A naked cake decorated with fruit, a mini decorated 3 tier cake decorated with fondant and a single 3 tier cake decorated like a cupcake. Each project would look great on a dessert table but also perfect for individual cakes for each guests, puddings and wedding favours. I have used the Cake Boss 6 Cup Circle Pan but there are other makes available.

-- https://www.youtube.com/user/FancyCakesbyLinda

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Olatcc Brazil

Good share!

Elli Warren

Adorable tutorial and cakes! Thank you! :-) x