Cake Decorating Basics: Chocolate Ganache / Buttercream | Ice a Cake & Board with Fondant Tutorial

Welcome to my Cake Decorating Basics How to Prepare a Cake tutorial. Making a cake look great is all about the preparation of your cake. This starts with the base you give yourself to work with. A cake that has a great base will always look great. The look is just as important as the taste. Smooth fondant on a cake with a sharp edge and a fondant covered cake board gives your cake a professional finish. Once you have mastered this you will never look back. This tutorial is demonstrated with chocolate ganache but can be also implemented with buttercream too. I have tried to make it as simple as possible. This is a compilation of 3 of my tutorials merged together. I thought it would be great for beginners to find everything they need all in one place. There is no secret to making a great cake, it just requires the knowledge, time and patience. You can find a tutorial to make the chocolate ganache here I use Massa Ticino Tropic fondant to cover my cakes.

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