How to Make a Circus Themed Children's Birthday Cake Step by Step Tutorial

Welcome to my tutorial. This tutorial guides you through step by step how to make this bright and colourful children’s birthday circus themed cake. I show you how to make all of the sugar decorations using modelling paste, gum paste, fondant. I guide you through assembling the cake each step at a time. I have used the FMM Mummy and Baby Elephant, Hippopotamus and Monkey Set. To make many of the decorations I have used the FMM Decorative Bunting Tappit Cutter and I have used the FMM Carnival Font Letter Tappit set for the inscription. I have used some shape cutters and a ribbon cutter for the other decorations. I try to make the tutorials as easy to follow and simple as possible. Great tutorial for a hobby baker as well as someone who is more experienced. I use Massa Ticino Tropic Fondant to cover my cakes as I can achieve a sharp edge finish giving my celebration cake a professional finish.

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