Flowers #8: David Austin/Juliet/Cabbage/Olivia/English/Heirloom Gumpaste Sugar Rose Tutorial

Very easy to follow tutorial demonstrating how to make an English Rose inspired by David Austin. This rose is made with 3 simple cutters designed by Ceri Badham in collaboration with FMM Sugarcraft. We have called it ‘A Very English Rose’. No need for wires or styrofoam balls. This wonderful rose can be made in minutes rather than hours. The innovative cutters have made it so simple. This rose is also known as a Juliet Rose, Olivia Rose, Cabbage Rose, Heirloom Rose. You can see a full length video on how to make this flower in another tutorial on my you tube channel. Here is the link!o/David_Austin_Rose_Cutter_Collagewletpz!