How to make Meringues - Meringue Kisses and Rosettes Recipe

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. Meringues can make the perfect decoration for your cakes, by adding colour and a different texture to just buttercream.

Throughout the video I show you step by step how to make meringues from egg whites and caster sugar.

To make around 60 – 70 meringue kisses you will need 70g of egg whites and 140g of caster sugar. The meringues are then baked in the over at 100°C for between 45 minutes – 1 Hour depending on the size of your meringues. I also show you different ways to colour them and what piping tips you can use to create different effects.

I really hope you enjoy the video tutorial!

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So pretty! Thank you :)

The Garden Baker

Thank you for sharing your recipe!
The cake you made is simply delightful! I love those delicate colors ♥️


Thank you for the share! 😊