How to make a wafer paper white swan

Hi all!
I just wanted to share my easy and quick way to make a white swan out of wafer paper.
You’ll need:
1 white wafer paper sheet, 1 scissor, 1 small brush, a little water.

Cut four 5cm long petals + four 4cm long petals to make the body of the swan.

Cut two 2cm long petals to make the swan’s face
(pay attention, because front and back of wafer paper sheets are different texture).

Cut, till 1/3 lenght, each one of the eight petals for the body.

Slightly wet and overlap.

Gently curl the tips of the petals using the brush handle.

Overlap 6 petals (2 small size first, then 2 large size and 2 small size again) to make part of the body, as in the pics below.

Cut a 5cm long strip, as in the picture below.

Bend it and glue the end of the strip to shape the neck (2.5cm long)+ the face of the swan (2.5cm long), as in the picture below.

Slightly moisten the top of the bended neck and cover with the 2cm long
petals, front and back.

Glue, with a little water, the neck to the body (pic n.9), then glue the remaining two 4cm long petals, hiding the bottom of the neck, to complete the body.

Hope you’ll give it a try and thanks for watching!

-- Clara

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Very pretty! Thank you so much for sharing 😘

Sandra Smiley

This is so beautiful, Clara! It almost looks like origami!

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So creative! bellissimo Clarita!


Thank you Claudia 💝


Thank you Sandra and Katherina, sisters of my heart 💝💝

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Perfect! Thank you Clara!

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