How to make flat Lego bricks without molds

Hi all, lovely decorators!
I’m working on a Lego themed cake and was wondering how to make sugar lego bricks, without molds. I have one, indeed, but it’s too thin to work with and I didn’t want to buy a stronger one.
So I searched for a tutorial or some helpful tips on the Internet, and I found many and I was inspired by them.
However I needed to spid up my work so I developed my own technique.
I hope it can help someone else!
Have a fantastic day, my friends 😊

1- I made a rectangle with some red fondant. I used 2 toothpicks to have steady thickness.

2- I marked the fondant with a drinking straw. As you can see in the pic below, the mark of the circles is alternatly strong and light, for first and odd rows, only light for even rows. With this method all the circles will be perfectlyI spaced. I used a ruler to make straight and parallel columns.

3- I made as many small disks as needed, using the drinking straw.

4- I sticked the disks onto the strong marked circles., with some food glue.

5- In a few minutes you’re done!

-- Clara

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Super!!! questo metodo e’ molto semplice e sopratutto molto veloce da fare. Grazie!

Magda's Cakes (Magda Pietkiewicz)

Fantastic!! Thank you for sharing!!!


Katherina, ho pensato agli stampi inutili da acquistare, come insegni tu nel tuo video 😜


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Fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing!


Glad you appreciated it, Magda 😘

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Awesome, sweet friend!!! :*
Thanks for sharing!!! :*


Clara,sei incredibile!!! Fortissima idea!!!♥️♥️♥️👍👏👏✨✨✨

Penny Sue

Thank you great idea


Thanks to you all Zuzana, Claudia, Felis, Gabriela, Ivana for watching 💙💙💙

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You are so clever, Clara! Fabulous! Thanks for sharing!


Thank you Clara. I always looking forward for yours tutorials