Chocolate Cupcake & Chocolate Buttercream Recipe

Hi and welcome back to my kitchen! When it comes the baking and decorating cakes you all probably know by now, I love to make cupcakes. I think it is so important to have a good cupcake recipe that you can rely on every time, so I thought I would share with you how I make my chocolate cupcakes and also the chocolate buttercream to go on top.

➡️The ingredients you will need to make 12 cupcakes is:
6oz/ 170g – Self Raising Flour
7oz/ 200g – Butter
7oz/ 200g – Caster Sugar
2 eggs
30g / 1oz – Cocoa Powder
2tbsp – Milk

➡️Chocolate Butercream
10oz / 312g – Icing Sugar
6oz/ 170g – Salted Butter
30g / 1oz – Cocoa Powder
2tbsp – Milk

➡️ And for the vanilla cupcake recipe click here:

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-- CakesbyLynz

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Elli Warren

They look delicious and very pretty! Thank you for sharing! :-) x


Looks great! :-)