The sugar peony in this tutorial is modeled after a yellow tree peony I came across. The shape was a bit different than the usual peonies I see and I loved the color. I did not have any pre-made peony stamens on hand so I made my own. One of the key elements of making this gumpaste creation I believe is in creating the delicate and very thin petals (see through in some areas is what you are going for) – which you will make without the use of either a cel board or a pasta roller; but if you can or prefer to use such, by all means, please do so.

Thank you for watching.

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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Teri, Ontario, Canada

I have just signed up with you all at cakesdecor to tell you what I think of your sugar peony. My dear girl, your piece of art is just wonderful. I hope I find many more of your tutorials, and if I should, I will tell you again how wonderful I think you are. Fond regards from Sherie.

Such kind words Cakedreaming, Thank you very much, and thank you for Watching.

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