Sugar Spider Mums Flower Tutorial

Here are the things needed to make this flower. Colored gumpaste, Daisy cutters or plungers, ball tool, vein tool, flute dresden tool, sharp craft knife, rolling pin, foam pad, scissors, cutting mat, craft pliers, florist wires and floral tape, water or edible glue.

1. This flower is heavy. Therefore, you need a thick wire to support its weight. Since I don’t have a #20 gauge on hand, I made use of 4 #22 gauge floral wires and wrap it with a green floral tape. Make a loop on one end using a craft pliers. And set aside. 2. Make a small ball of green gumpaste to make a bud and, inset floral wire. 3. Snip half way thru gumpaste to create the flower’s bud features. Starting on the side then work your way up. 4. Let it dry overnight.

5. When the bud has dried, roll out your gumpaste very thin then cut out 4 daisy flowers, choose a size that will cover 3/4 of your bud. 6. cut each petal into two. 7. Thin down petals if needed by rolling it out with a rolling pin or ball tool. 8. Place flower on a foam pad. Carefully separate each delicate petals. 9. To create the “cupped” or “curled” look of the petals, apply pressure from the tip of the petal down to the base . Here I used the flute dresden tool. Repeat step to all petals.

10. Dab a small amount of edible glue in the center and some on the base of each petals. Thread it through the wire and attach it on the dried bud. 11. Arrange petals. Pinch lightly to stick the sprays to the bud. Repeat until all petals are attached. In the photo, that’s how it looked like after 4 set of flowers. 12. Hang it upside down to dry.

This is how the complete bud looks like.

13. Using the next larger size of the cutter, Cut another 4 daisy flowers. 14. Cut each petal into 2 and this time use the veiner tool. Run it through the petal starting from the tip down to the base. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or your petals will tear. Don’t worry if you lost a petal or two, it will be concealed by the next petal.

15. For the last set of petals, you need a larger cutter. If you don’t have one :) don’t worry, just use the previous cutter you used and thin it out using your ball tool to stretch out each petal. 16. Again, cut it into 2 and do the same with the second batch of flowers. 17. Dry flowers either by hanging it on a drying rack or on a flower former. Or you may improvise by using a crumpled foil and lay it on a brand new egg carton.

Here’s an example of an improvised flower former using aluminum foil and an egg carton.

And the finished flower….

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