New beginnings #4: RKT omg fab :-)

Well what a productive day :-) I’ve managed to get my 4 tier baked 2 vanilla Madeiras a 2 chocolate Madeiras and they all turned out fab.
The best was yet to come. For the cake idea I have in mind I needed a light weight cake as a topper but the while surfing Facebook a fab site Shereen’s cakes & bakes put a post up about having used something called RKT for modelling some large penguins on a cake.
Not having a clue what this was I started googling and found out it was butter marshmallow and Rice Krispies that fuse together making a very light weight base for whatever you want to cover it was just what I needed.
I nicked the kids marshmallows for there hit chocolate and got straight too it in the kitchen. 20 nuns and it was done so simple or was that just me :-/ I needed mine to be green so coloured it realising after that this mix was just a base for icing/fondant to go over not the finished look and before you ask no I’m not blonde :-)
Anyway it turned out excellent just what I’ve been looking for and carnt waiting to use it for what I have planned.
My 6 year old enjoyed it too as she modelled some into balls and ate s few too :-)

-- Let the cakey adventure begin :-)

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Just been reading my posts back you will have to excuse the daft words as I’m on my phone and its predictive lol that’s a new thing :-) must re read all before posting and also lack of sleep with poorly kiddies :-(