My anniversary cakes #1: Indian themed anniversary cake

This is my first self designed cake… I’m so excited to post it here n wanna know wad other cake decorators think 🤔😀… Well it’s a o/image_qgiof7!!

Indian attire themed cake.. Generally ppl in d south part of India wear pattu- veshti( for man) n pattu-saree (for woman) at the time of marriage or any spl festival… So I decided to make a two tier cake.. With top tier denoting d veshti n d bottom tier as pattu saree.. It’s a 3 kg vanilla cake inside… The client didn’t wanna try any spl flavours as her parents like only simple cakes😊 Hope u all will like it too.. N pls do let me know wad u all think.. Would be happy to get feedback from u talented ppl😊

-- Rinky

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Elli Warren

Looks very pretty! :-) x


Thnq Elli:)