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How to make two toned buttercream

Have you ever seen a piped cupcake or even a piped border with multi colored buttercream and wondered how it was done? With this simple tutorial you can learn how.

Kitchen Tip: How to Pipe with Two or More Frosting Types

1. Lay your colors or flavors out in different container to keep them separate.

2. Using the tip for filling piping bags in the Cupcake Piping Tricks kitchen tip, fill the bags (I personally like disposable best) with your designated colors or flavors.
You will not add a tip to any of these bags. Just the bag and the frosting.
For bags I like CIA Masters Collection 12 Inch Disposable Pastry Bags or Wilton Disposable 12 Inch Decorating Bags, Pack Of 24. I buy them on Amazon but you can get the Wilton bags at craft stores like Michaels too.
In this case, I had three frosting flavors: Nutella Cream Cheese, Almond Butter Cream Cheese, and Vanilla Cream Cheese. So after this step I end up with 3 bags each filled with a different flavor.

3. Twist the tops of the bags and cut about a half inch of the ends of each filled bag.

4. Then, you’ll take (in this case) a fourth bag. Snip the end of the bag and add your favorite piping tip to the bag.

5. Now, load all three frosting bags inside the fourth bag with the piping tip.
Twist the top of the fourth bag so nothing escapes and pipe as usual.
I usually do a couple of test pipes on a napkin or a cupcake I don’t care about until all three frostings are evenly coming out and any air has passed.

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