Large Romantic Rose

Very easy Rose using one sized cutter can be made any size, but I usually make the biggest possible

Equipment: Gumpaste, white fat, veiner, foam pad for thinning, ball tool, Rose cutter (I use Jem large set -available Sugarcraft Hawkes Bay) rolling pin
Roll ball of gumpaste into ball then roll one side to form cone shape so it is 3/4 size of cutter you are using, allow to dry overnight

1.Roll out gumpaste very thin, cut out your petal, I’m using the Jem roller pad so I use my cutter upside down helps to keep edges very clean
2a. Rose petal veiner press petal between, don’t fret if you don’t have a veiner as 2b & 2c other options
2b. Roll skewer over petal to form impressions
2c. Use silk tool to making veining detail
3. Use ball tool half on the edge half on the foam and go right around the petal edge to this & slightly ruffle

1St layer: Using 1 petal dampen with edible glue and wrap around the bud allow to dry overnight

Layer 2: Using 2 petals (prepared as before) lay them opposite each other place glue on one side of the petal only half way up the petal, then wrap so the petals overlap ie: each petal has one edge over and one edge under the next petal

Layer 3: (sorry doing 2 colours but pretend it’s pink)
Now we need 3 petals, veined, thinned, but now we use plastic spoons to form petals, lightly dust spoons with cornstarch, lightly press the petal into the spoon and wrap the ends of each petal over the end of the spoon as shown, allow to dry 15 minutes, then arrange evenly on foam, brush glue over half petal as before, & wrap petals so they overlap tucking the last petal under the first, once wrapped add a little more glue to the outside flaps at the base of the petals, & curl petal edges down a little. allow to dry overnight

My Large rose former: Take a cup/mug/glass & using tin foil fold a piece in half, and using fist, press into cup creating a well about 1" -1.5"deep, wrap the remaining foil around cup to secure, I have fancy Cel formers but this works better.

Layer 4: Yay back to pink!! take what ever colour you are using and dilute the strength by half by adding white gumpaste to it, kneading it well, then repeat like layer 3 but this time using 5 petals, once glued place in the former we just learned how to make :-), allow to dry overnight

Layer 5: almost done :-), now dilute colour by adding twice the ammount of white gumpaste to your previously diluted colour, now it will be quite pale, & repeat the previous layer but using 7 petals this time, I also use a skewer to roll my edges a bit better on this layer, also adjust your former to have a well of only about 3/4" depth the first number 7 shows layer 4 dried in the new depth former compared to old depth, and guess what allow to dry overnight :-)

Yay we are finished your rose you can use them undusted as picture 1 & 2 show however to get a more realistic rose I usually dust them, also helps with fading in light dust lasts longer, with the pink rose I am just highlighting with a dusky pink dust, I always dust on a paper towel to keep my area clean & I also load my brush with dust then rub out some on towel the use what is left on my brush to dust edges & bring out veining this avoids big clumps of dust, the yellow rose I am dusting with a mixture of yellow diluted down with cornstarch, & an orange, with the orange I rub out alot of the dust on the towel the run brush over just the edges to highlight, with a little extra in the centre

Lightly steam and allow to dry again

Finished articles…YAY!!!!, this is the same technique I have used for my red roses, however I dust the red roses with Poinsettia red & highlight edges with purple. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial & hope you share it with others
A quick note to set the steam wave rose over steam from jug about 20cm above vent this will bring out colour, be careful not to leave in steam or get to close as this will make your rose too shiny as it brings out the sugars in the gumpaste

Jo, NZ,


Such a wonderful and detailed explanation. I would love to try this style of rose one day. Thank you for sharing. They are beautiful!

~Daniela xo

Lovely roses and tutorial! Thank you for sharing it with us!


Very nice tutorial! well done, beautiful rose!!


Thank you for this great easy to follow tutorial. The rose is just beautiful.

Alvilda, Hokitika N.Z.

Thanks Tatiana, Cindy & Alvida

Alvilda if you want to get the cutter in NZ best supplier is Hawkes Bay Sugarcraft only about $11

Jo, NZ,

Wonderful tutorial, love the clear instructions and all the step-by-step photos! Your roses are gorgeous!!Congratulations on winning one of my books:-).


awww thanks I so look forward to reading your book

Jo, NZ,

Your tutorial is amazing Ciccio… those roses are inspirational… well done on Winning and thanks for your email, I am going to answer it shortly :) I am so delighted for you xxx

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