Christmas Fondant Toppers #1: How To Make A SUPER Adorable Christmas Penguin

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Ingredients and Tools:
1. Black Fondant
2. White Fondant
3. Red Fondant (or any color of choice)
4. Rolling Pin
5. 3.5" round cutter
6. 1.5" round cutter
7. 1/2" round cutter
8. shortening or a little bit of water
9. ball tool
10. scallop tool

Step 1. roll black fondant into a semi- cone for the body. Insert toothpick

Step 2. Roll black fondant into ball for the head. Since we are going for “cute” we want the head to be roughly the same size as the body. Insert head into toothpick

Step 3. Use 1.5" cutter to cut white fondant for the belly. Stretch the circle to create an oval

Step 4. Use the 1/2" cutter to cut out the eye area. The lower you place the eyes on the face, the more child-like it will look. Refer to my snowman cupcake tutorial for better explanation

Step 5. Use ball tool to indent where pupils will go

Step 6. Roll out small black balls for the pupils

Step 7: Cut a 3.5" round of red fondant. Use same cutter to cut away 3/4 of the round to create the scarf. Use scallop tool to create texture

Step 8. Roll out 2 small red balls for the ear muffs. Roll out a short, white sausage for the head piece

Done!!! If you want to place these on cupcakes, insert a long toothpick into the body of the penguin so that it doesn’t lean on the cupcake.

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-- Shantal, Shakar Bakery,

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Elli Warren

Awww sooo cute!! :-) xThank you!! :-) x


you’re very welcome!