Patterns inside a cake

I have seen other tutorials on this “Patterns inside a cake” technique but I didn’t know the importance of making the inside image tight if you want each piece to reflect a perfect image. My husband thought up this idea and it works great!

I baked a pink cake and cut a small wedge to cut my piece out of.

This is all the pieces.. see how they are wedge shaped? This allows for a tight image.

Now place the hearts upside down in a small pool of cake mix. I used a nail in the center to get the center to cook while the edges cooked.

Now cover the hearts with batter and bake. This was an 8″×3″ pan and I think it took about an hour at 350 degrees….but keep checking.

This was the finished baby reveal cake… it was a girl!



Excellent! Thanks for sharing x

Sweet Jepsons

Cool effect. What kind of nail and how did you retrieve it (after cooking/before?) Is that foodsafe? ~ Thank you

When you place them together, do you put a skinny side of the wedge to a fat side or are all the fat sides together and the skinny sides together? Thanks for the info. Lovely cake!!/pam.coley.73

Thanks ladies!

Ahimsa – I used a flower nail (from Wilton) made out of the same material as the pans (flat on top) and when the cake comes out of the pan, it is at the top of my cake. You can easily remove it.

PamsTiersofJoy – Yes, all the fat sides go together on the outside, this makes them turn in the circle you desire. Otherwise you would have gaps and when you cut the cake open, you would not see a perfect heart. I did one before this and did not get them very tight because I had tried it with a flat cake, not the wedge pieces and I had a lot of blobby looking pink spots, not pretty hearts. Hope that makes sense.


Thank you sooo much for posting this. Some people sell this information.

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Thanks FlattCatt…. I have looked at a few tutorials on this but no one ever really said how they cut the pieces and when I tried it flat it just didn’t work. This is just a twist. Also I am a hobby cake maker… not a business so I wouldn’t sell it. My info is all free.. haha


Hey Karen!!! This is fabulous! Well done and thanks SO much for sharing it with us :) xx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

So very cool of you Karen. By the way. Have you every seen the colorful balls inside of a cake? Do you suppose it’s done the same way? somehow?

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