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Favorite Technique

My favorite technique is actually a combination of two techniques: hand painting and templates. I use an old laptop as a light board to resize the image I need to the size I need it to be and trace it out on parchment paper with a #2 pencil. (This also allows me to save on printer ink as I don’t have to print out the picture to use it). From there I transfer the image onto my fondant covered cake, which I very lightly buff with shortening to make sure the image “sticks” to the cake (using too much shortening will make it hard to paint. After I rub over the parchment to make sure all parts of the image are attached, I peel away the parchment and have a perfect transfer of what I need. From there I hand paint the image using gel food coloring and vodka.

The images are my in process shots from my Threadcakes 2014 entry “Halfling and the Wizard”, which won 3rd place! :)


favoritetechnique favorite technique template hand painting parchment transfer



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