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How Can You Decorate Cupcakes for Your Little Girl’s Birthday

Perhaps it is that special time of the year once again, and your little daughter is anxiously waiting for her approaching birthday bash. Therefore, a party that is complete with a bunch of delicious cupcakes is sure to be in order. Whether the cupcakes are being prepared at home or you are going for a purchased box, the most important part is the decoration and frosting. There are many different ways, utilising which you can create succulent masterpieces to pamper your little princess and celebrate her birthday in style. Here are few frosting and decoration which are quite popular for a little girl’s birthday cupcakes in Brisbane:


  • Use some food colouring to stain white frosting. Choose colours that your daughter loves, like turquoise, purple or pink. Cake and craft stores generally stock colours of many different types that surpass the typical primary colours available in supermarkets.
  • Top the cupcakes using the stained frosting and spread out evenly with a butter knife. There are ready-made decorating sets for cakes that you can purchase from the market and use the tips provided along with them to create fancier frostings. You can use the floral-shaped tip to form purple and pink frostings or the star-shaped one for piping on yellow stars.
  • Try out some creativity and use something that is a favourite of your little girl. If she is fond of dogs, create an impression of a dog’s face on the cupcakes. Lay out a fine coating of brown coloured frosting and use a bag for cake decoration to add black eyes, nose and whiskers. Pipe on a maroon smile just below the nose. If your little girl is into princess and barbie dolls, spread purple or pink frosting and then shape a tiara on it using white frosting. You can also add little dots of green or turquoise frosting resembling jewels with the help of a small dot-shaped tip.


  • Simple decorations like coloured sprinkles, coloured sugar and edible glitter can be used to impart charm and life to the cupcakes. Scatter the decorations immediately after frosting for they will easily stick to the frost and won’t come off.
  • Small candies such as coloured chocolates or gummy bears can also used in place of edible embellishments for creating attractive cupcakes. You can lay them out in the shape of creative designs or just spread them on coloured frosting.
  • If you are looking for some healthy decoration, pieces of fresh fruits such as sliced strawberries, blueberries, green grapes or oranges can act as excellent as well as nutritional decorations.

Besides these tips, you can also try out the other interesting and commonly used frosting and decorations ideas for girl’s birthday cakes in Brisbane.

-- Deborah Feltham

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