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Wedding peacock

Sharing some pictures of the peacock.. he is made from fondant and wafer paper.. I also added gems so he would sparkle … The pictures are not that great , but it lets you see how I made him.. the tail is a separate piece that was attached at the reception.. by royal icing and more fondant feathers.. the tail was as long as my table . and I worked late into the night …it is hand painted.. and most of the pictures show it at it’s middle stage… Thank you so much for letting me share him with you ……. I think it would be really awesome if someone would made the tail out of wafer paper roses cascading over 3 divided tiers.. for anyone who is interested :) The peacock divided over three tiers has been done before , but I put my own spin on the cake..

-- Dubey Cakes

peacock wedding cake wedding cake peacock sculpture


Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

wow that looks like a tons of work but gorgeous Bethann

Bethann Dubey

It was a ton of work .. I had to have a board under it to carry it into the reception area.. to keep the fondant feathers from breaking.. Thank you Danijela <3

Little Apple Cakes

Bethann that is one amazing cake, it’s is so spectacular with a major “wow factor”. Stunning!

Bethann Dubey

Thank you so Selma .. I can’t thank you enough it means a lot to me xoxox <3333

Danijela Lilchickcupcakes

things we do to make a great cake execution but its gorgeous and i would of have been on pins and needles for sure putting it all together xoxo

Bethann Dubey

I was on pins and needles :) I was grumpy you can ask my son who helped me deliver it .. :) Danijela <3333 xoxo

Dora Th.

Wow !! Wow !! Wow !! ….

Bethann Dubey

Thank you so much Dora <3333 xoxoxo you are so sweet xox

Lisa Salerno

It’s just so stunning !

Bethann Dubey

Thank you so much Lisa xoxo <3 you are very kind <33333

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Amazing job!

Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris

Goodness Bethann, that is incredible work! Love it xx

Bethann Dubey

Thank you so much Marlene <3333 … Thank you Angela .. I am so very very honored you like it xoxoxo


Amazing job


Love it <3