Gelatin Poinsettia Tutorial

Unflavored gelatin (Knox, etc. – NO Jell.O), Paintbrushes, Gelatin Veining Sheets, Airbrush colors red and green, Golden or yellow disco dust or sugar, Scissors, Floral wire white and green, Pliers, Premade stamens, 1/2 width florist tape

Step 1
-Place water in microwave safe bowl.
-Sprinkle gelatin over top and stir together.
-Place in microwave for about 10 seconds intervals, stirring until all gelatin is dissolved.
-Allow to sit for about 5 minutes for the foam to rise to the top. Gently scoop the foam away divide in two bowels and add desired colors.

-Cut white floral wires in evenly pieces and place them on the veining sheet.
-You will need six of each desired petal size. (at least 3 different petal sizes (red one’s). more is fine)
-Use one of the brushes and leave a fairly thick coat on the veining sheet.
-Do the same with the green wire and green gelatin. You need only six of the large green leaves. (same shape as the largest red one’s)

Prepare centers using the premade stamens and florist tape. Divide the stamens in the middle and dip the ends in red gelatin and than into the disco dust or sugar crystals, let dry and tape together.

Place the painted gelatin sheets on a safe place and let them dry at least a day. They’ll getting loose as soon as they completely dry

Above the fresh wet sheets

Here you can see how they are getting more and more dry and release from sheet. .

-If desired trim each petal with the scissors.
-Create 6 clusters using one of each petal size for each cluster

Tape the cluster of stamens to one cluster of petals. Tape all clusters together and add at the outer side the green petals.

Arrange all petals to achieve the desired look!!!

Use as a single decoration or make more in different sizes and do a whole bouquet.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as i love doing this Poinsettias

-- Alex (_)0, CakePalais, New Orleans,

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