How to make a 'Dispicable Me' Minion

Here is how I made my little sugarpaste Minions from the movie ‘Discpicable Me’

Firstly you will need….
a small amount of yellow, blue, black and white sugarpaste
a craft knife
a rolling pin
a cocktail stick
a jumbo straw (not esseintial)
and a black edible food colouring pen (not essential)

With the yellow sugarpaste, take a small piece off for the arms and roll into a long thin sausage shape, cut in half to form little arms about 1.5cms long and flatten down one end slightly for the hands, place to one side. For the body, take the remaining yellow sugarpaste and roll it in the palms of your hand to form a short thick sausage shape, approx 5cms long.

Next take the blue sugarpaste and roll it out quite thinly and cut a rectangle approx 8cms long, then cut from the rectangle 2 thin 5mm strips (see pic) with the remaining sugarpaste cut out a 1.5cm wide circle and cut that in half.

Next, wrap the rectangle around the yellow body as shown

Attatch the half circles either side of the body at the base, then attatch the 2 thin blue strips at the top to form the straps for the Minions dungaree’s (use a dab of water or sugar glue to help it stick)

For the eyes, roll out the white and black sugarpaste and cut out a circle from each colour (I use a jumbo straw to cut out my circles) also cut out a long stin strip of black fondant to make the goggles headband.

Flatten down the black circle slightly so that it is bigger in size than the white circle and then stick the white circle onto the black circle using a little water or sugar glue

Finally stick the eye on to body of the Minion and attach the goggle strap around the head, add a pupil in the eye and a little smiley mouth using spare black fondant or a black food colour pen, then all that’s left is to add the pocket detail to the front of the dungaree’s using a coctail stick

Here are some Minions I made for a birthday cake!!

And here’s a Minion on a cupcake

Thanks for looking – hope enjoy making them :-)