Moth Orchid #2: Part 2 of mini tutorial on the Moth Orchid

Part 2 – The Moth Orchd Throat and Column
The Moth Orchid Continued

Making the Column

  • Take a small ball of paste and roll into a tear drop
  • Insert a 22g wire into to pointy end
  • Mold to wire making a point. Not too big so it is a good size for the petals
  • Hallow out with a small rolling pin or similar, keeping the top smooth and round
  • Leave to dry

Making the Throat

The throat is a bit trick and is best if you can look at a real flower or one on the internet before making this. You have to work fairly quickly before the past begins to dry, so cut out a couple of pieces in advance.

  • Not necessary to cut out shape further but you can
  • Soften edges while thinning out rounded shape to elongate a bit. Hallow out lightly to curve a bit

  • Roll out 2 very thin pieces of paste about 1/2" long to attach
  • Attach one to each side with a small drop egg white and press to attach
  • Roll the tiny pieces back to curve around and just leave as they end up.
  • They are very fragile so do not play with them too much

  • Roll a tiny ball of paste to fit into the bottom portion as you see in the second picture
  • With a sharp tool make a cut down the center and open up slightly.
  • Smooth edges with your fingers and point both sides slightly
  • Attach with a tiny drop of egg white

Shaping the Throat

  • Next you want to curve the entireThroat inward. The sides curve in and the tip curves up
  • Hold in your palm and gently curve pieces then lay them in the former to dry
  • Reshape if they fall a bit during drying

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Sofar I can easily follow part 1+2. Is part 3 coming soon? Can’t wait!

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I will post part 3 tomorrow June 27.. sorry, got a bit sidetracked

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