Moth Orchid #1: Part 1 of mini tutorial on the Moth Orchid

The making of the Moth Orchid Part 1

It is hard to explain every detail in a mini turorial, but I believe this can get you started…

Surprise… I decided to post a basic mini tutorial on the Moth Orchid instead of only the finished flower. Being a very popular orchid request and very beautiful I think it is a good choice.

This is a basic mini tutorial since not all steps are shown or explained in detail.

Hope you enjoy it…

  • Double sided moth orchid veiner,
  • Moth Orchid cutter set,
  • Apple trays or similar for drying,
  • egg white, crisco, cornstarch,
  • 26g wire,
  • rolling pins,
  • cups and formers (sometimes used)
  • (depends if I want the petals very curved or not)

Making the Petals
This board has grooves so when you roll the gumpaste out it creates the ridge to insert the wire??.

  • Roll the gumpaste out over the grooves, rolling high enough the cutter fits to cut out shape
  • Remove and turn the gumpaste over so veining lines face up to see where to place cutter
  • Place the bottom of the cutter down and centered over the vein
  • Press down firmly to cut through the gumpaste, remove excess and wrap up
  • Do the same for all 5 petals.
  • Keep them under plastic to prevent them from drying out while working with them

  • Lay the petal on a soft pad with the plain side up
  • Soften the edges using the rolling pin along the edge of the gumpaste, don’t frill
  • Place the petal in the veiner and press firmly. Might need to add some cornstarch it paste is tacky
  • Lay the petal in a curved former plain side down. I use apple or avocado trays or similar
  • Do the same with the rest of the petals. The wings, legs, and head using the appropriate veiners
  • Leave to dry firm overnight

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