How to get started making a gumpaste flower from a photo

Lovely Purple Dahlia – Made in gumpaste

How I made the purple Dahlia from this photo…

What I do when I find a flower I want to make

  • Don’t have the real flower then print the best photo or photos you can find.
  • Look through your cutters to find one which would work best. You don’t always need to buy a cutter since many cutter sets have several components and with a little manipulation you can create the perfect petals shapes.
  • I then do the same with the veiner. Find one which looks like it is a somewhat close match if not perfect one. Not all flowers are veined but if they are it is nice to add that extra touch.
  • Next, I gather all my supplies, the cutters and veiners, photos or real plant and just start making petals. I make a few different variations and match them to the photo or plant to see if they look right. Once I am happy with the petals I make them all

Some things to remember if you don’t have instructions and are making them the first time…

  • Have the real flower or photo with you for reference
  • Write instructions as you make the flower!! I am guilty of not always doing this thinking I won’t make this flower again. You just never know.
  • Don’t forget to write the petal dust colors and how you applied it in case you need to make more.

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